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8-piece Anchor Clip Set With Line

8-piece Anchor Clip Set With Line
Anchor Clip Set With LineAnchor Clip Set - Use to Hang LaundryAnchor Clip Set - Clip DimensionsAnchor Clip Washing LineWashing Line Clip Set

Our 8-Piece Anchor Clip Set with Line is a great piece of kit for hanging up clothes or gear to dry and is a perfect addition to your camping kit.

Each anchor-shaped clip features a top section that can attach to a line or rope and will stay secure in place when the line is taut. The bottom of each clip consists of two flat hooks, which can slide together around the item you wish to hang up, using gravity to stay closed.

This set is suitable for hanging up clothes or towels to dry or even damp kit after a day on the water. It can also be used to dry items such as water bottles or lightweight pots and pans. At night, lamps can be suspended from the hooks to illuminate your camping area.

Each pack comes with four clips, a 7.2m length of red cord, two line tensioners and a handy storage bag.

Red Aluminium
Pack of four anchor clips
Two tensioners
Red Cord (7.6m x 2mm)
Storage bag

18cm x 10cm x 3cm
Weight: 70g

Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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