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220 Triathlon Wetsuit

220 Triathlon Wetsuits Reviews

Triathlon Wetsuit – 220 Triathlon Magazine

The black sheep in the test here is the Glasgow based brand Lomo, who sells direct to cut out the middleman and offer the lowest possible price. As a result, their Tri suit comes in at an astonishingly low £99, the cheapest on the test by some distance. While the looks are plain and it lacks any specific ‘ features’ – such as forearm catch panels- it’s well made from a lightweight, flexible neoprene using 3mm on the arms and a 5mm body.

Performance-wise the suit is heavier than the more expensive options here but this isn’t hugely detrimental to speed in the water. The 3mm arms may be less supple than the 1mm or 2mm used in other suits but the Lomo is hardly restrictive. The cut is more generous than many of the more high-end suits, which makes it less restrictive in the chest area and easier to get on.

Verdict: Excellent value and performance make this a great entry-level suit

220 Triathlon Rating- 83%

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