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Z-Ray X2 SUP Board 10'10"

Z-Ray X2 SUP Board 10'10
Zray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Main ViewZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Board, Pump, Paddle and Carry BackpackZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - 10'10" Long / 30" Wide DimensionsZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Bungee Cord Deck Storage SystemZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - All Inclusive Kit
Zray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Inflatable SUP Board and Adjustable PaddleZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Suitable For Lake, River and Loch UseZray X2 Stand Up Paddle Board - Sturdy And Tracks Well In Water

This inflatable stand up paddle board measures 10' 10" long, 30" wide and 6" thick which makes it ideal for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

ZRay are a leading manufacturer of SUP boards and their high quality products offer superb value for money and are designed with a wealth of experience in the SUP market.

These SUP boards are suitable for lake or river use and come with the accessories needed to get you started like a manual hand pump, adjustable SUP paddle and storage bag.

This all-inclusive kit is great for those taking up paddle boarding and the Z-Ray X2's stiff and sturdy construction is very stable and tracks well in the water.

The board deck is made from EVA which provides comfort, durability and protection while inside are two layers of PVC material which are enhanced using an industrial drop stitch construction.

A prominent feature on this iSUP board is the extended gripping pad which covers over half of the board's surface/deck. This significantly improves your grip on the board and also enhances your ability to balance the board in tough environments.

There is an elastic bungee cord system for storing some cargo and personal belongings plus multiple d-ring attachment points for storage and to make it easy for attaching accessories like a paddle leash or coiled SUP leash.

The Zray 10'10 features a removable central fin which is both flexible and sturdy and the lightweight aluminium floating paddle has a soft fabric handle which provides comfort and supports a three section adjustment from 65 - 85 inches.

The central carry handle enables you to carry the board on your own and this SUP board weighs 11kg and has a weight limit of approx 320lbs. The all inclusive kit when packaged together weighs 13.7kg.

This is a fantastic stand up paddle board kit and great value for money for those looking to take up SUP boarding in the UK.

Suitable For All Skill Levels
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced users with an ultra-stable 30" wide deck.

Tough & Durable
Extremely rigid structure made using tough PVC materials with reinforced drop-stitching.

Lightweight and easy to carry in the included backpack or using the carry handle.

Storage Options
Lots of storage capacity with multiple D-rings and a flexible bungee cord deck system.

Price:400.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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