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Marine LED Diving Strobe Light

Marine LED Diving Strobe Light
LED Emergency Strobe Light  - Main ViewLED Emergency Strobe Light  - DimensionsLED Emergency Strobe Light  - Suitable for WatersportsLED Emergency Strobe Light  - Can be worn using armband strapLED Emergency Strobe Light  - Works Underwater

Our Marine LED Diving Strobe Light is great for diving, kayaking, boating and many other watersports and can be used both above and below the water.

This emergency strobe light features high powered LEDs. The strobe flashes in bursts and can be seen from up to 2000 meters away.

The emergency light features an adjustable armband strap so it can be worn while paddling, diving or riding a jet ski. There is also a lanyard for attaching it to other equipment and the device will float should it accidentally fall into the water.

We designed the strobe light for watersports use so it has a magnetic switch for watertightness and can be taken underwater to a maximum depth of approx 80 metres. This makes the device suitable for diving while also being useful when kayaking, canoeing, sailing, jet skiing and yachting.

Although designed for watersports use, the LED emergency strobe light could also be used outdoors when hiking or camping if you need to draw attention.

The emergency strobe light will give you approx. 7 days of use with each new set of batteries. After this amount of time the strobe still functions but the max brightness starts to slowly taper off. The diving strobe uses 3x AA batteries (not included) which are easily replaceable and the device weighs 185 grams (with the batteries installed). When installing batteries, make sure cradle is inserted with arrows pointing down.

High powered LEDs / Can Be Seen Up To 2000m
Magnetic Switch For Watertightness
Buoyant / Floats If Dropped In Water
Adjustable Armband Strap And Lanyard
Max Depth: 80m - Suitable For Diving
4 x High efficiency SMD 0.5w LED lights each outputting 50 Lumens (200 Lumens Total)
30 bursts of 6 flashes emitted per minute.

Price:10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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