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Venom 5\4\3 mm Wetsuit

Venom 5\4\3 mm Wetsuit

We have used high quality super stretch 100%CR neoprene on this wetsuit to make what we feel is the best value high specification 5mm wetsuit in the UK today.

The Venom Wetsuit is an excellent, all-round wetsuit for Spring\Summer\Autumn\Winter use. We designed it to compete with products costing over £200 and when you feel the quality of the suit we're sure you'll agree.

Wetsuit Features:-
Double lined super stretchy neoprene throughout
5mm Torso panels for warmth
4 & 3mm leg and arm panels for warmth and flexibility
Batwing with double neck system for low flushing
Wetsuit is anatomically designed to fit the body
Metal zipper with pull cord
Blind stitching throughout
Glued seams
Seam free underarm area for improved comfort and flexibility

Suitable for surfing and many other watersports.

Venom Wetsuit Features

Venom Wetsuit Chest

The first thing you'll notice about the Venom wetsuit is how flexible it is. The super stretch material and 'AS Stretch' panels make the suit very flexible and comfortable to wear.

This flexible design helps the suit to conform to the body shape more effectively than most other suits at this price level.

A snugly fitting wetsuit will help keep water ingress to a minimum and warmth to the maximum so having a suit that follows your body curves well helps in keeping toasty warm in the colder months.

5mm Chest Panel

Our 3mm arm panels are designed to keep you free from restrictions while swimming or doing other sports that require flexibility of movement.

The use of varying thicknesses of neoprene over different panels helps us keep warmth where it's needed in the core body , by the use of 5mm neoprene, and flexibility in the arms and legs through the use or 3 and 4mm neoprene.
Venom Wetsuit Arm
3mm Arm Panel

Venom Wetsuit Kneepad

Our kneepad design is both tough and at the same time flexible.

Some wetsuit kneepads restrict the stretching of the suit quite significantly. Our Armaprene™ material is designed to be 10 times more abrasion resistant than regular neoprene but also retains the ability to stretch.

These features help keep the knee area of the Venom wetsuit flexible and comfortable and at the same time be able to resist a higher degree of wear and tear.
10X Armaprene Kneepads  

The Venom wetsuit features a 'Bat Wing' feature with a double neck to reduce flushing to a minimum.

Watch the video to see how this bat wing is put on. The flush guard panel, seen in orange here, traps any water that penetrates the zip and makes a huge difference in keeping water out of this already warm suit.

Venom Wetsuit Batwing

  Flush Guard Batwing System

Venom Wetsuit Rear Entry Zip

At the rear of the wetsuit we've added a handy draw cord to the high quality zipper to help you get the zip up when you're on your own.

Once the zipper is up you can close the Velcro fastener over and adjust the closure so that it has a nice snug and comfortable fit around the neck.

Rear Entry Zip  

The flushguard system in the Venom wetsuit prevents water ingress through the zip by trapping it with the bat wing panel.

Trapped water is then allowed to drain out through these two drain holes at the bottom of the main back panel.
Venom Wetsuit Drain Holes
  Drain Holes

Venom Wetsuit Blind Stitching
The wetsuit uses double blind stitching throughout to keep water ingress to a minimum. During manufacture the seams are first glued together, then the interior blind stitch is sewn in, then finally the suit is turned the correct way out and the exterior blind stitch is applied.

Blind stitching is a "dry stitch" as it does not penetrate all the way through the material and therefore does not allow water to flow through the stitch hole.

This 3 stage seam construction helps to make a seam that is both strong and warm.
Double Blind Stitching Throughout  

Neoprene Guide
Venom Wetsuit Guide

Size Guide
Size HeightWeightChestWaist
Small 5'4" - 5'6"130-145lbs34-36"27-29"
Medium5'7" - 5'10"145-160lbs36-40"29-33"
Medium Wide 5'7" - 5'10"170-215lbs41-46"35-39"
Large 5'10" - 6'2"180-210lbs39-42"32-35"
X-Large 6'0" - 6'4"200-220lbs41-43"34-36"
XX-Large 6'1" - 6'4"220-235lbs43-45"35-37"

Price: 99.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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