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Tornado Drysuit - Mk II - Red

Tornado Drysuit

Drysuit Neck

Our drysuits use high quality latex rubber neck seals, made in England, to seal with your neck and keep the water from getting inside the suit.

The our neck helps to protect the rubber seal from abrasion, contaminents and sunlight which all help to extend the life of the seal.

The neck seals are made in a conical shape which allows them to be trimmed if they are initially too tight. Most people however find the neck seals are the correct size without any adjustment. Please get in contact if you need help or adcice on how to do this.

Latex Neck Seal

Our wrist seals are also made from high qlaity latex rubber and are also covered by a velcro outer wrist to help protect them from abraision etc.

Drysuit Wrist
Latex Wrist Seal

Adjustable Drysuit Wrist

The velcro adjustment helps to tightent up the wrist around the end of a glove and keeps the material nice and tidy around the hand.
Velcro Outer Cuff  

This drysuit has retro reflective tape around the arms. The tape , which is made by 3M , reflects light back to where it originates so if you are searching for someone by torchlight you get a really good reflection from someone who is waving their arms at sea.
Retro Reflective Sleeve
  3M scotchlite reflective bands

Drysuit Knees

The Tornado has reinforced cordura knees to help resist abrasion when kneeling down. The crodura area covers and extended knee zone and protects the inner breathable layer from damage.

These panels have drain holes in them to allow any water that enters between the panels to drain out.

Condura Knees  

The latex drysuit socks used to cover your feet are totally waterproof and keep your feet totally dry. You shoudl wear some normal socks inside for comfort and on colder days a good pair of walking or skiing socks help keep your feet nice and toasty.

The socks should be covered by wetsuit boots for walking around in and performing your sport. Most people find they need to wear boots one size larger than normal to accomodate the socks comfortably.
Drysuit Feet
  Latex Socks

Drysuit Waist

The waist is elasticated to allow the wearer to bend over and move around whilst not having too much extra material flapping around.
Elasticated Waist  

The front entry dry zip allows the user to get in and out the suit with relative ease. The zip flap helps to protect the zip from contaminents like san etc.

Sizes Small - XL use the YKK dry zip and size XXL uses the TIZIP drysip.
Drysuit Shoulder Zip
  Front Zip Protection Flap

Drysuit Front Zip Drysuit
Front Entry Dryzip
Unlike a rear entry drysuit the Tornado's front zip allows you to zip yourself up if no one else is around to help.

Please note that although the drysuit looks pinkish in the video this is just a consequence of reducing the video quality so it plays quickly on the website. Its not really that colour it is Red. Also please note that smaller drysuit sizes now feature the YKK dryzip shown in the pictures.

Size Guide
Size HeightChest
Small 5'4" - 5'9"162cm - 175cm40" Maximum 101cm Maximum
Medium5'6" - 6'0"167cm - 179cm44" Maximum 112cm Maximum
Large 5'10" - 6'2"177cm - 188cm46" Maximum 117cm Maximum
X-Large 6'0" - 6'5"183cm - 195cm48" Maximum 123cm Maximum
XX-Large 6'0" - 6'6"183cm - 198cm51" Maximum 129.5cm Maximum

Price: 225.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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