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Tapered kayak dry bags with purge valve

Tapered kayak dry bags with purge valve

Our tapered dry bags are great value for money. Just compare our line of products to our competitors prices for a similar tapered dry bag. We've used the best quality materials and made a great dry bag whose tapered shape allows it to be easily stuffed into the nose of many sea kayaks. The new style twist lock purge valve at the end allows air to be easily expelled and the bag reduced to a smaller size.

Ideal for sea kayakers who wish to get as much as possible in the nose of their kayak.

Kayak Dry Bag Features:-

Tapered shape to fit the nose of sea kayaks
Purge valve to reduce the volume of air in the bag
RF Welded seams
Lightweight, flexible material

As used on the Arctic Voice expedition.

Price: 17.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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