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Parhelion Reflective Stripe Beanie Hat

Parhelion Reflective Stripe Beanie Hat
Parhelion Reflective Hat - Colour OptionsParhelion Reflective Hat - Orange Parhelion Reflective Hat - Orange InteriorParhelion Reflective Hat - Blue Parhelion Reflective Hat - Blue Interior
Parhelion Reflective Hat - Yellow Parhelion Reflective Hat - Yellow InteriorParhelion Reflective Hat - GreyParhelion Reflective Hat - Grey InteriorParhelion Reflective Hat - Illuminated View

The Parhelion Reflective Stripe Beanie Hat combines the warmth of Thinsulate lining with the visibility of the acrylic outer layer to produce a stylish, warm hat. The hat features four stripes that look grey in daylight but are made from retroreflective thread the reflects light back in the dark making you more visible to torchlight or car headlights etc.

The hat comes in four colours, two hi-viz colours and two subdued fashion colours.

Acrylic outer
Thinsulate lining
Retroreflective stripes

Price:7.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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