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Racing Mark - Sailing \ Triathlon Race Buoy -Tall Budget

Racing Mark - Sailing \ Triathlon Race Buoy -Tall Budget

Our racing marks \ buoys offer a real price breakthrough compared to other sailing marks commonly available. This now makes it more cost effective for clubs to have their own sailing marks for racing and training, leaving more funds for other kit.

Made from boat grade PVC coated polyester tarpaulin; these buoys should last for many seasons and be easy to repair should you accidentally puncture it. The buoys are highly visible at sea and are of a colour that is particularly visible in natural light. Each racing mark has three metal rings at the bottom to fasten a weight and ground tackle to. Tests have shown that a weight in the region of 6-8kg will keep the marks upright in most conditions.

Our racing marks feature radio frequency welded seams to ensure an airtight seal and inflation is done via an industry standard boston valve on the top of the buoy. This makes it suitable for inflation by most hand, foot, or electric pumps.

Racing marks for sailing should never be completely inflated on warm days as the sun's temperature will cause the air to expand and potentially rupture the material. A small amount of expansion room should be left.

We recommend that these marks are not left out permanently and are brought in after each session. They are not permanent buoys or channel markers. Metal clips should not be used to attach to the metal D rings on the buoys. ONLY rope should be tied to them as metal on metal will wear the attachments due to the constant motion on the sea.

Buoy Height: 1.5M

Buoy Width: 42CM Diameter

Material: High strength, low shrinkage, PVC coated, boat grade, industrial thread polyester tarpauline.

View our video below for further information.

Price: 60.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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