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KRU XS ISO - 180N - Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

KRU XS ISO - 180N - Automatic Inflation Life Jacket

A versatile and lightweight lifejacket that is suitable for all markets including yachtsmen, boaters and commercial operators.


3D darted neck collar for increased comfort
Back strap(s) to spread loading and increase comfort
175cm chest girth for all sizes
Universal removable crotch strap


180N buoyancy for quick in water turning speeds
hook-and-loop closure closing
Twin lifting beckets/ buddy handles
Replaceable cover
Attachment point for Aquaspec light
UML inflation system
316 Stainless steel D-Rings for added strength when attaching a safety line
Re-usable storage bag for protection when not worn
Lateral tapered bladder for better in water positioning
AIS Ready


Riverseal technology, giving 25% more abrasion resistance
Increased Co2 retention
Neon buoyancy colour for increased visual identification
316 Stainless steel buckles
Lightweight materials and compact design

Price: 49.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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