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Kayak Trolley - Model B

Kayak Trolley - Model B

Our Kayak Trolleys are ideal for many different sizes of kayaks and canoes and feature pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride. The kayak trolley is made of anodised aluminium with stainless steel and plastic fittings. The wheels of the trolley are removable and the trolley folds flat. The trolley may fit in the hatches of some sea kayaks or be lashed to the deck of other boats.

The trolleys are designed to fit most kayaks and canoes and we recommend a maximum weight of 60KG when in use. Our kayak trolleys are commonly used for portage or for helping get your boat down to the waters edge from the car. Sometimes they are carried on the trip so they are available at the other end or they can be left in the car for a return type journey.

The trolley wheels are pneumatic and made just like car tyres with a tough rubber outer and an inflatable inner tube inside.

Weighs 3.4kg

Price: 32.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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