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Kayak Roof Rack J Bars - Twin tube

Kayak Roof Rack J Bars - Twin tube

Our twin tube J bars are designed to fit a range of roofracks and keep your kayak firmly attached when in transit.

The dual purpose mountings should fit both traditional square section roof rack bars and also many modern roof racks that have a wider and flatter section.

2 x J Bars
2 x Mounting Kits
2 x Roof rack straps
2 x Nose and Tail Ties

Our twin tube J bars are a ver popular method of transporting a kayak around the countryf. If your roof rack is trong enough you can use 2 pairs of J bars to carry a pair of kayaks at the same time.

Our J bars bars are made from robust tube steel and are factory painted for a long life.

The set of our kayak roof rack twin tube J bars weighs approx 4.5 kgs.

To download the manual for the roof bars please click here.

Price: 33.20 (Including VAT at 20%)


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