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Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Split Stern . Size 10

Kayak Buoyancy Bag - Split Stern . Size 10
Split Stern Buoyancy Bag - Front ViewSplit Stern Buoyancy Bag - DimensionsSplit Stern Buoyancy Bag - Depth DimensionsSplit Stern Buoyancy Bag - Back View

Our Kayak Buoyancy Bags are made from a durable nylon material making them flexible and strong.

The seams are RF-welded to give an airtight seal.

The bags are designed to fit in the split stern of many kayaks where there is a divide behind the seat.

One bag will fit along each side of this divide. If there is no divide then two bags can still be used to fill the space.

Airbag Size (when inflated)
25cm (width at widest point) x 83cm long
Airbag Size (when deflated and lying flat)
35cm (width at widest point) x 93cm long
Weight: 200g

Price:12.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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