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Kayak bilge pump with hose

Kayak bilge pump with hose

These kayak bilge pumps are ideal for canoes ,kayaks or any other environment where you need a manual bilge pump. The pump is easily operated by hand will pump water from your kayak quickly and efficiently. This pump comes with a length of hose which makes is suitable for larger craft where the water needs to be ejected over a longer distance. This hose is not needed for most standard kayaks.

25mm diameter hose can be used with this pump.

Pump Length: 53 cm
Hose Length: 100CM

Please note the video below does not feature the hose, it shows the standard pump.

Length: 53 cm
Colour: Yellow
Use: Kayaking , Canoeing, Dinghy Sailing

Price: 13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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