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8mm Floating Rope - Braided Polypropylene

8mm Floating Rope - Braided Polypropylene
8mm Floating Rope - Main View8mm Floating Rope - Buoyant Line Rope8mm Floating Rope - Braided Polypropylene Close Up

Per Metre

This floating rope is really useful. It's the same grade as we use to make our kayak throw lines from and therefore has a load of uses.

Sold by the metre. (If you order 5M you will get a 5M length heat sealed at both ends.)

Yellow with a blue fleck through it.

The Tensile strength of this rope is 850kg and the Rated Capacity is 170kg. We emphasise that these are NOT climbing or lifting ropes. They are designed to be thrown to people in the water in need of help who will then be hauled to the shore or point of rescue.

Price:0.54 (Including VAT at 20%)

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