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Lomo Firesteel Fire Starter

Lomo Firesteel Fire Starter

Our Firesteel Fire Starter is incredible value for money. The rod is made of magnesium alloy that sparks when the stainless steel striker is dragged across it.

With this fire strater you can generate a spark in all weather conditions.

This gives great peace of mind that even in rain or wind, you will be able to use this and get a spark.

It is recommended to use tinder cubes to help start a fire as the sparks will take well to these.

Please note that the black coating on the rod must be scrpaed off before use. The coating will not generate a spark.

Magnesium alloy spark bar with stainless steel striker
Produces a 2.900°c (5.400°F) degree spark
Suitable for use in all weather conditions
Weight: 30 grams

Price:2.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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