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Lomo Evolution Dry Cag \ Top - Yellow

Lomo Evolution Dry Cag \ Top - Yellow

Our Evolution dry tops are one of our most popular products. We took an age to get these dry tops just right and this product is now largely regarded as one of the best drycags on the market today. At half the price of most of its competitors its unbeatable value for money and we struggle to keep up with demand. Get one now before we run out. Again!


Lomotex 4000 3 Layer Breathable material
Waterproof and windproof
Cordura reinforced arms and wrists
Latex neck seal with adjustable neoprene outer neck
Latex cuff seals with adjustable neoprene outer cuffs
Double tunnel waist system with dual velcro waist adjustment
Hi visibility colour scheme
Reflective piping
Neck and wrist gusset drain holes

Our Evolution dry tops have an advanced waist system that are both adjustable and comfortable. This kind of waist system is normally only found on much more expensive dry tops.

Our dry top cuffs feature velcro tighteners and outer neoprene protection for the inner latex dry cuff.
We compared our drycag to the best drycags on the market and are convinced that our Evolution Drycag is, by far, the best value drycag on the market. With full adjustment and protection on our latex neck and cuffs along with one of the best waist systems around its no surprise that we're already struggling to keep up with the demand for these top spec drycags.

Dry Cag SizeChest
Extra Small31-33" Maximum
Small33-35" Maximum
Medium36-39" Maximum
Large40-43" Maximum
XL44-48" Maximum
XXL49-50" Maximum


Price: 99.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


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