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Lomo 30L Overboard Dry Grab Bag

Lomo 30L Overboard Dry Grab Bag

Lomo’s Overboard Dry Grab Bag was developed to fit a gap in the market. Most grab bags would not keep their contents dry in the very wet conditions experienced in going overboard. At the same time most dry bags were not designed to be ideal bags for overboard situations. Lomo’s overboard bag combines the best of both worlds. It's roll down closure and RF welded seams make a product that will keep your gear nice and dry in adverse conditions. The yellow, high visibility colour scheme makes it easy to spot by rescuers in day time whilst the retro reflecting panels make it easy to spot at night in torchlight.

The bag also has a panel where you should write the name of your vessel. This is to aid in search and rescue activities where search crews often find debris but are unable to tell if it's from the vessel they are searching for.

The dry bags come with a handy, adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying easier.

Size 30L when closed.

Diameter 26cm 53cm tall

Main Uses: Sailing , Motor boating

Price: 13.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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