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Dry Pannier Bag - High Visibility

Dry Pannier Bag - High Visibility

Our high visibility pannier dry bags are made from waterproof PVC material and are great for keeping your gear dry and getting yourself seen at the same time. These pannier bags fit onto the majority of pannier rails that can be fitted to your bike and are aimed at cyclists that wish to be seen more easily by other road users. The panniers are made from high visibility fluorescent yellow PVC material and have multiple retro reflective chevrons on the front , rear and side which reflect light back in the direction from which it originated. This means that car headlights are reflected back towards the driver and the bag appears to glow when gently illuminated. Unlike many other cycling panniers this model does not require a separate cover to keep your gear dry.

The dry bag panier features a roll down closure and RF welded seams to give a watertight bag that will protect the contents from driving rain when moving at speed.

Hi Vis Dry Bag Pannier Features

Roll down top
Hi visibility yellow material
Marine grade waterproof PVC
Retro reflective panels
RF welded seams
Fits most pannier frames

17L (approx)

Dimensions of pannier:-
Height 46cm (Closed)
Width 32cm (At top)
Width 24cm (At bottom)
Depth 16cm

Weighs: 800g

RF welding of the seams means that we dont have to make stitch holes in the bags to hold them togeher. Stitch holes make bags less waterproof and let the water penetrate the holes. Our seams are welded, or fused, together so there are no holes to worry about. The roll down top enclosure, as used in the rest of our dry bag range, makes sure even the heaviest of rain is kept out of the panniers which in use.

These are great items for the Autumn season where wet conditions and getting dark early in the evening can make it miserable for a commuter cyclist. These bags make you a bit easier to see and help keep your gear dry. Now all you need to worry about is keeping yourself dry!

Price: 34.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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