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Wrist Slate

Wrist Slate

Our Lomo Wrist Slate is curved to fit the shape of your forearm and is the perfect accessory for divers and diving instructors that need to make quick notes whilst on a dive.

The Wrist Slate is ideal for dive instructors to communicate with students, when you need more than hand signals to convey instructions. For example, some dive students may not know what certain hand signals mean so you are able to write down instructions on to the slate.

With elastic cords to hold the Wrist Slate comfortably in place, it is easily available when you need it. The pencil of the Wrist Slate clips in to the housing so it doesn't get in the way when not in use. The pencil is also attached to the Wrist Slate by an elastic cord so it won't get lost when on a dive.

Our Wrist Slates are designed to compete with similar products that cost over twice the price. When you compare their performance and the quality of materials used to our competitors, we are sure you'll realise that they represent phenomenal value for money.

Price: 7.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

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