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Paracord Bracelet with Fire Steel - 9 inch

Paracord Bracelet with Fire Steel - 9 inch
Fire Steel Paracord Bracelet - Main ViewFire Steel Paracord Bracelet - DimensionsFire Steel Paracord Bracelet - Built In Whistle ClipFire Steel Paracord Bracelet - Fire Steel ClipFire Steel Paracord Bracelet - Fire Starter Guide

Our paracord bracelets are great accessories for all bushcraft, camping, outdoors and wilderness adventures.

These bracelets also have some very useful additional features. With a small whistle built into the clasp and a Fire Steel mechanism which generates a spark in all weather conditions the bracelet acts as a lightweight and compact piece of emergency equipment that you can have on you at all times.

Paracord is an extremely versatile cordage as it is thin but extremely strong. It is perfect for making bushcraft shelters or when you need to tie things together.

The cord can also be split into multiple strands to turn it into extremely strong thread for emergency repairs. These bushcraft bracelets weigh only 30 grams and contain approximately 3 - 4 metres of paracord.

The sizing of these bracelets are suitable for most men with average wrists.

Available in two different colours: Olive Green or Black

Price:1.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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