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Lomo Compact BC Knife

Lomo Compact BC Knife

Our Compact BC knife is great value for money. It comes in Hi Viz Yellow and has a blunt tip to avoid accidental drysuit punctures. Its serated edge is ideal for cutting ropes but not so deep that it snags on what its trying to cut (this is a problem with many other designs of serrated edges) and its line cutter takes care of fishing lines.

The holder comes with both a belt clip, lanyard, and an attachable clip to secure to a BC hose if required. The lock holds the knife in position securely but also allows for easy removal with even a gloved hand.

Although designed for diving, this product is also a favourite with kayakers and sailers who have similar requirements for a compact knife to attach to the buoyancy aid.

Blade Length : 7CM
Overall Length in sheath : 17CM
Colour: Yellow:
Accessories supplied:- Hose Clip and lanyard.
Material: 304 Marine Stainless Steel

Price: 12.50 (Including VAT at 20%)


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