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Kayak Throw Line 20M

Kayak Throw Line 20M
20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Main View20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Dimensions20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Reflective Strip20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Stuff Pouch Bag

Our 20 meter kayak throwline features an easily stuffable pouch bag and has a reflective strip to make it more visible in torchlight.

The strong 8mm floating line is just the right weight to give you strength without too much bulk.

Ideal for kayaking, yachting, sailing and it's a vibrant yellow colour so it is easily noticeable.

20 meters of 8mm thick floating rope
Reflective Strips
Yellow Colour Scheme

Weight: 580g

Price:19.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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