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Kayak Throw Line 20M

Kayak Throw Line 20M
20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Main View20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Dimensions20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Reflective Strip20 Meter Kayak Throwline - Stuff Pouch Bag

Our 20m throw lines were designed for those who love kayaking and are running whitewater.

The 20 meter length of floating rope is longer than our standard 15 metre and will be suitable for our customers that are looking for that extra length of throw line.

The polypropylene floating rope contained within the throw bag is 8mm thick. We find that this thickness of rope offers just the right amount of weight and strength, without too much bulk. This weight / strength ratio allows you to throw the line with accuracy while also making it easy to handle when re-packing the stuff bag.

We added a light reflective panel around the bottom of the bag to help make it visible by torchlight and its yellow colour scheme also helps improve its overall visibility in dark or dull conditions.

It is worth noting that all members of a paddling group should carry a throw line bag and have had sufficient training to know how to use it safely. It is also advisable that those carrying our kayak throw line also carry a knife that is capable of cutting the line.

Although designed for kayaking use, our throwlines are also very popular with our yachting and sailing customers for dock or marina use because they are easy to use and suitable for lots of different tasks.

The 8mm floating rope deploys well from the easily re-packed kayak throw bag and the 20 meter length makes the total weight of this throwline approx 580 grams.

20 Meters of 8mm Thick Floating Rope
Easy Deployment and Re-packing
Reflective Strip
Yellow Colour Scheme

Weight: 580g

Price:22.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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