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DL4 Watersports Torch

DL4 Watersports Torch

Our DL4 watersports torch can be used for anything from diving to kayaking and is completely waterproof. It offers diving torch performance at a price of a budget torch and allows you to keep a great quality torch in your boat or kayak for emergencies.

For diving this torch will perform well at recreational diving depths of up to 30m and provide a clear crisp white light that cuts through dull water well.

For other sports, why not use this as a truly waterproof emergency torch for your adventures. Why carry a splash proof torch that will leak and fail if your kayak capsizes and floods, when you can have a truly waterproof torch that you can use underwater to search for your lost possessions?

If you've ever had to do work on a boat underwater then you'll appreciate the usefulness of an underwater torch; from looking for damage to untangling a prop these waterproof torches will prove themselves to be invaluable.


5W Cree Q5 LED Bulb
500 Lumens
Waterproof to 30M
0-Ring Seals
Uses 4x AA Batteries
Magnetic Switch

Price: 15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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