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Hurricane CX 5mm Wetsuit - Outdoor Centre Wetsuit

Hurricane CX 5mm Wetsuit - Outdoor Centre Wetsuit
Outdoor Centre 5mm Hurricane Wetsuit - Front View LeftOutdoor Centre 5mm Hurricane Wetsuit - Front View RightOutdoor Centre 5mm Hurricane Wetsuit - Front ViewOutdoor Centre 5mm Hurricane Wetsuit - Back View RightOutdoor Centre 5mm Hurricane Wetsuit - Back View Left

The 5mm winter version of our popular outdoor centre wetsuits are specially reinforced and designed for use in outdoor centres or very high usage users.

The suit has a specially reinforced seat and lower arm areas made from Lomo Armaprene material which is over 10 times more abrasion resistant then standard Neoprene, but still as flexible. It also features a colour coded internal print to make size identification easy.

Lomo are now the main supplier of wetsuits to outdoor centres in the North of the UK and our customer base is growing rapidly as our high quality and low cost products gain popularity.

In designing these wet suits we looked at what outdoor centres really needed; durability, flexibility, easy size identification and smart appearance.

We took the durability challenge onboard and developed a new material to completely replace the entire seat and elbow areas where our customers most often experience premature failure.

Our Armaprene™ material is a 3 Layer sandwich of Stretch Nylon on the inside, 3mm insulating Neoprene in the middle and a specially developed stretchable durable protective surface that is over 10 times more durable and abrasion resistant than the traditional outer covering of wetsuits.

Activity centres love these wetsuits as they can be worn for many different activities. Plus, they are really durable so can handle outdoor centre use. Being so durable they are also very popular for personal use and represent excellent value for money.

Hurricane Wetsuit Features:
5mm Full Length Wetsuit
YKK Zipper
Flatlock Stitching
Kevlar Reinforced Knee Pads
Reinforced Seat
Reinforced Lower Arms and Elbow
Colour Coded Size Print

If you are an outdoor centre and wish to buy in high quantities then some further discounts may be available. Please contact us directly for details.

Size Height Weight Chest Waist
Small 162-167CM5'4" - 5'6" 59-66KG130-145lbs 86-91CM34-36" 67-74CM27-29"
Medium 170-175CM5'7" - 5'9" 66-73KG145-160lbs 91-99CM36-39" 47-84CM29-33"
Medium Wide175-178CM5'7" - 5'10"73-98KG160-215lbs109-117CM43-46"91-101CM38-40"
Large 178-188CM5'10" - 6'2" 82-95KG180-210lbs 99-106CM39-42" 81-89CM32-35"
X-Large 180-190CM5'11" - 6'3" 91-100KG200-220lbs 104-109CM41-43" 86-91CM34-36"
XX-Large 185-190CM6'1" - 6'3" 100-107KG220-235lbs 109-114CM43-45" 89-94CM35-37"
XXX-Large 188-193CM6'2" - 6'4" 107-114KG235-250lbs 116-122CM46-48" 96-101CM38-40"
XXXX-Large 188-193CM6'2" - 6'4" 114-120KG250-265lbs 122-127CM48-52" 101-111CM40-44"

Price:90.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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