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30L High Visibility Backpack Dry Bag

Our latest product launched is a new dry bag aimed at road safety for cyclists and motorcyclists. Our 30L High Visibility Dry Bag Daysack will also keep all of your gear totally dry in even the heaviest downpour whilst riding head first into the pelting rain. Indeed you yourself will probably been completely soaked through but the contents of this neat little bag will remain bone dry.

The bag joins a large stable of dry bags produced by Lomo and keeps you gear dry using 3 key items; the material, the closure and the seams. The material is a waterproof PVC often used in marine products which is totally waterproof. This material is welded together at the seams using radio frequency welding technology. This effectively fuses the panels together to give a totally watertight seam. Finally the roll down top closure with tightening straps is sufficiently tight to withstand a barrage of water from a fire hose and has no problems dealing with some heavy rain. The bag will even float of you drop it in the ocean!

From a safety standpoint we have used high visibility fluorescent yellow material for the main bag body. This is really well scene in daylight conditions and is a similar colour to that used by motorway maintenance crews in their hi vis clothing. At night time the yellow colour also stands out well when illuminated, but the main trick that this bag has up its sleeve is masses of retro reflective strips which reflect light back in the direction from where it originated. So if your car headlights shine on the bag the retro reflective panels will reflect the light back in that direction. It makes the bag look like its glowing in the dark and is very effective in increasing you visibility at night.

The bag is priced at £29.99 and can be bought exclusively from our website.

In the UK, Cycling IS a watersport!

DATE: May 2013

This product can be seen in our online catalouge here

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