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Inflatable Racing Marker Buoys
For Sailingt, Triathlon etc.

We have launched a new range of sailing and triathlon race marks / buoys that are designed to help race officials mark out a course during sailing or triathlon events. There are 3 new shapes and sizes depending on what you require.

The tomato shaped race mark is good for marking out turn points and has a D ring at the bottom to help keep the buoy upright. The tetrahedron shaped buoy is similar in its intended use but is more difficult to blow over. In calm water it may be possible to use the buoy without a weight. I heavier conditions there are d-rings at each corner to weight the buoys down with.

The long 4m sausage shaped buoy is aimed at lane marking, or entry and exit point marking. These marks are very popular for triathlon events.

Tomato Style Buoy

The buoys are all made from boat grade PVC making them very durable.

Pyramid Style Buoy
All buoys in this range feature high pressure raft valves in them for durability. Race buoys like these should not be inflated to full pressure as the heat of the day can cause them to expand as the day goes on. They should be slightly soft when inflated at the beginning of a day.
Sausage Style Buoy
The buoys are suitable for adding logos to for sponsors etc. Our Lomo logo is only printed on one side leaving the other faces blank for you to apply your own logos.

These can be bought exclusively from our website.

DATE: July 2013

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